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When bands are before agencies and signed management it is crucial to sell tickets. This is because the show is dependent on how well your band draws. At this level marketing does very little. Remember you are what sells.


Here are a few tips on how to sell tickets as a band:


  1. Invest in relationships –take on relationships that build you and your band. Find a friend or a “team mate” to help you sell tickets. It will help if this friend has a different friend’s base than you. This will make you have a larger reach.
  2. Incentives – Going hand in hand with creating a friend that sells tickets is creating incentives for them to sell those tickets. Offer them free cover, drinks, hugs, CDs, or the chance to hang with rock stars. Or for people buying tickets offer a free download code for your latest hit, a free t-shirt with x amount of sales. People love free stuff when it’s done right. They will see it as not as they are buying a ticket but getting a deal. Let it overshadow the fact they bought the ticket or sold a ticket.
  3. Understand your target market: One of the biggest steps for a band to become successful is to understand what market they are going after. I.E. age, sex, genre, location they hang out at, what motivates them etc. When selling tickets its important to hunt down your target market and deliver the information on the show. This will increase your fan base and make cold calling sales a lot easier.
  4. First impressions are everything. When you sell tickets to the unknowns its important to remember that first impressions are everything. Be friendly, ask them how they are doing before going into a pitch, find out what gets them interested and play off that. E.g. “Hey, that is a great shirt you are wearing. Prince is an amazing act. I perform in band that is the same style!” Wait for them to answer. Then end the conversion with it would be great if you could come out. Try not to end the conversion forcing them to buy a ticket, rather just say it would be nice to see them out.
  5. Play on social environments: Ask a friend or a shop keeper to talk your show up and for people to be directed to you for tickets. It’s amazing what word of mouth can do for ticket sales if it’s done positively.
  6. Make Announcements: Fans aren’t going to buy a ticket unless they know the show is happening. Use social media and word of mouth to your benefit. Don’t just post the show and how you excited you are to play it. Talk about the show and how you’re going to make it an experience for the attendees. Tell them about ticket deals, downloads, and how great you are. If you have been picked by Surge it means you got something, let the rest of the world know.
  7. Play on emotions: Music is a business of emotions. People react to music by primarily their emotions. Figure out what type of music you have and how it plays on emotions. I.E. Jazz for some creates a relaxed setting that allows for leisure. Let people know that you understand why they are coming. Use that information to pitch your show. Remember that people want you to tell them why they should go.
  8. Do not over sell: It is important to remember that not everyone will want to come to your event. If you see that the consumer is nervous, does not hold direct eye contact, looks towards an exit or tries to start another conversion do not keep pressing. It is important that the person knows the facts of why you want them to buy the tickets and that’s it. If you leave them with a positive impression they will think about buying a ticket once you have left.

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