Before getting into the depths, or the differences, of promoters and production, here are the definitions of both:

Production is the act of organizing and presenting.

Promotion is a person or thing that promotes or encourages growth.


So let me ask you this. Is creating a concert promoting? Or is creating a concert simply one part of the production?

The simple answer is creating an event or concert falls under production. Promotion on the other hand, is a tool that can be used in the production of an event, although not always used. When a band or person is starting off in the entertainment industry it is important to understand the difference between these two concepts. It will allow any artist to get ahead in the industry.

When a band is looking to get a gig booked and marketed it is engaging in work with a production house. This means that the company will run the logistics of the event, including but not subject to: timelines, design & distribution, musical talent, ticket allocation, etc. None of these represent promotion specifically.

Where a production house takes on promotion is when the show is either unknown by its surrounding market, therefore needing encouragement to do well, or the act is not local or represented by an agency. When the act is not local the production house takes on the role of promoting the show via its marketing methods. This is only for non-local shows as the production house buys into the artist for a reason. If the production house has done the work properly then the promotion will handle itself.

So why write this blog? The issue for anyone running a production house is the expectations and misconceptions artists can have about what production is versus what promoters are.

So where do you see promoters? Usually promoters are individuals that work for a venue that promote the shows for the venue purposes. They are not paid by the value of the show, but as a salary or budget of the venue.

No one persons perspective is 100% right. I invite you to let me know what you think – comments? Thoughts?