After many shows of people, I usually don’t know well asking me to get on the guest list, I figured its time to describe how events work.

Guest Lists

First off guest lists for concerts (not club nights) are for bands and close friends only. This is because every dollar given up by a guest is paid by the promoter and/or producer. If you are asking to get on a guest list then that is asking the producer to pay for your ticket. Promoters do not see anything but the door in return for the production of the show. That means we see no liquor sales at all. So please keep in mind if you are asking for a guest spot that means you are asking the promoter to give you XX amount of dollars back.

Anything that is given to you by the promoter or production team is given at cost to them. So please beware next time you ask for that free beer, or guest spot that it’s the same as asking to borrow xx amount in dollars. Would you ask a stranger for money? Or your friend?


To clear air the money works like this. Promoters pay all costs associated with the show that means: rental fees, sound fees, band fees, hospitality fees, production fees, advertising costs, printing costs, ticketing costs, and of course guest list spots.  If production does get paid then bands take a hit as well.

Promoting Shows (BANDS)

In line of promotion the promoter is only responsible for putting the show together and getting the word out. That does not mean they are solely responsible for getting people to show up. Keep in mind that a promoter is the tool that allows for the bands and/or show to run smoothly and precisely. They take on all the risk, yet depend on the bands draw or promotion tactics to push door sales. If you are a band that is starting out aka does not have management or a major record deal, please keep in mind that the happier a promoter is the faster you will move up the ranks of the music industry.

I am interested to hear your thoughts, as bands, attendees, or other promoters