Recently the Surge Ahead gang has decided it was time to move forward and grow the event business in some unique way. A creative meeting was launched forming many great ideas. But really we are still in the creative process. So why not ask my follow readers their ideas, wants and needs in events. But first a couple questions to clear the Surge heads..

Does sex sell? Does it only sell to men?

What makes you personally come back to an event outside of the performers?

The fact is its relativity easy to get exposure for events but to make a lasting impression that breeds the desire to make an attendee to return to future events just because of the vibe is another breed of branding, marketing, selling, featuring, financing, and advertising.  Is it crazy light shows? Half naked models? Cheap ticket prices?

To direct your train of thought please keep in mind that budgets are tight in events, and gimmicks work. Two word answers are loved.