Fame Marketing

Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate.
Emily Dickinson

It’s amazing what fame has done to business. More over what fame has done to the entertainment business.  It’s in our face. It’s on a TV.  It’s in social media.  It is in almost every visual source our eyes see. What is it? The need, and the want to be famous.

So fame = needs, and wants? You think it would be easy to pick apart consumers by creating needs and then marketing the need. Consumer behaviour specialist would want to tell you that it can be all documented in a few customary traits. But really hasn’t it come down to how you can conduct fame to your advantage?

Nike, Reebok, and Gillette are easy targets of “fame marketing”. So how does the small business owner take fame and mash it into positive outputs? Cocaine in Coke at the local pizzeria [times of past maybe for consumer addiction legally]?  The bottom line is small business faces an uphill battle to create “fame marketing” at dollar figure that doesn’t break the bank.  One way that we seem to see daily is by creating “local” celebrities and push marketing them. This seems to work but I would suggest it limits your market growth by confusing non-local consumers with what the real message is.

So what does “fame marketing” come down to? How do you attract customers by the needs and wants of their inner goal to be famous? Do you give them a chance to taste fame? Or do you drive their need to be famous by giving them a substance to grow fame? I.E Youtube… Or is it gimmicks? Clothing styles? Anorexia? Drugs?