Round 1

After a few years of watching advertising, thinking advertising, and working in advertising, I began to wonder… Is marketing taught in graphic design school? Are the basic marketing fundamentals of how to create a message discussed amongst graphic designers?

If you have ever taken a course or worked in marketing I am sure you know the communication process. If not it is put simply as a message received, decoded, encoded, and sourced or sent. There is of course more jargon to add but let’s keep this short.

My question arises from this very process. I see ads [constantly] that represent creativity but lack a message. An example of this not to hark on any one company is the following picture:


Great picture, interesting perspective but where is the message? I am stuck in the decoding phase and can’t get out! Well at least until I read the fine print. So question one is do you read the fine print?

A marketing ad should create a decoded message in your brain within seconds. Maybe this ad wanted to draw you in with creativity alone? But instead I just flip the page and moved on.

Marketing ads should place their top content in the middle of the ad. This is where our eyes go first.  It should create a message within a few seconds, and deliver readable content that links to a direct source of information (i.e. landing page, sales package, those pesky free brochures, etc). The message should be so clear that it alone could be placed in any advertising medium and create successful exposure.

This is where I am a bit lost… I see great creativity, eye catching ads, but no content backing it. This only decreases the reader retention and increases wasted marketing dollars.  Take a look at this ad and let me know what you think? Does it play into creativity and meet marketing objectives?

Che Magazine Ad