Politics is the entertainments branch of industry Frank Zappa

The Rant        

After spending roughly 6 years of my life dipping in and out of the entertainment business it still alarms me at the way business is conducted. Has no one read into economics or service management?

Let me give you an example. If you the consumer would like to book a band you contact their booking manager. The booking manager will reply if you have a name or a creatable source backing you. They will then tell you the available dates of the artist they represent. If one of these dates coincides with your venue you date you attempt to book. This is where it gets weird. The booking manager will fire back to you an offer sheet. This offer sheet will include various information along with the offer you are willing to make. Do you see the missing piece of the puzzle? How do you know how much to offer?

Well there are various ways to get that: wisdom, PolStar (costly though and only has large name acts) or by asking. What usually happens when you ask salesmen how much something costs? They try and up-sell. Well booking managers are salesman they will try and up-sell by estimating artist costs higher then what you could have gotten them for originally. But here lies the question… How is this good customer service? Isn’t this called getting ripped off?

So now you have the hefty price tag of your artist, do you offer it or something lower? Most people will offer lower. But what does this do to you the struggling event coordinator? It gives the salesmen all the power. Maybe that’s why there called booking managers who knows.

So you offer a lower price and maybe you get a bidding war between you and the salesmen, if your lucky? How is this so? Aren’t you the customer?

What basic economics will tell you is this is bad business. It closes doors before they can be opened. It’s like shunning free trade… (Another whole blog topic haha). The customer ends up paying more without knowing the true value, and the rich get richer and the poor get poorer or in many cases weeded out. Is this why they say you need a tough skin for the entertainment industry?